In late 2017 the joint boards of the Young Men's Christian Association of Bucyrus, Ohio and the Tiffin Community YMCA and Recreation Center Inc. voted to merge the two YMCA's. January 2018 the two YMCA's were offically renamed the Young Men's Christian Association of Bucyrus-Tiffin, Inc with two branch locations, The Bucyrus Area YMCA and the Tiffin Community YMCA. 


Mrs. Della Shawhan Laird did devise and bequest the property, building, and equipment for a YMCA in Tiffin, Ohio and the Association was voluntarily organized by the local citizens in April 1923. The Tiffin YMCA’s observes March 8th, Mrs. Della Shawhan Laird’s birthday as a day of recognition.

On April 9, 1923 the Association applied for Certificate of Incorporation under the laws of the State of Ohio and on April 17, 1923, the Secretary of State issued and recorded a Certificate of Incorporation.

In the late 70’s, a joint effort between the Community Pool Inc. who owned and operated the present pool and the Tiffin YMCA would be undertaken to make the Community Pool site a complete recreational complex. Under this agreement, the new facility would be operated by the Tiffin YMCA and called the Tiffin Community YMCA Recreation Center. The downtown YMCA building was sold to the Industrial Savings and Loan in the early 1980’s.

In 1980, The Fourth Grade Swim Program was established. This is an 8 week program that teaches water safety to all 4th grade students in Tiffin City Schools.

In 1999, the Basketball Gym was built.

In 2005, the Wellness Center was remodeled. This included the remodel of the Childwatch room and the removal of the Racquet Ball Courts.

In 2013 through a successful $1.4 Million dollar capital campaign the Y was renovated. Renovations included; 3 new family locker rooms (including one with an adult changing table thanks to a grant from the Betty Jane Foundation), Renovation of the Childwatch room that included a rock wall and a restroom, New gym floor in the fieldhouse with 2 new basketball courts, pickelball court, tennis court, soccer court, volleyball court and resurfaced walking track. Gymnastics was moved to the "new" gym and 2 new fitness studios was also added to this space.

In 2019 childcare was moved to the Y from an off site location, and space was renovated to better meet the needs of the families we serve. 


The Bucyrus Young Men’s Christian Association was organized after several meetings were held in the early months of 1903. Temporary officers were appointed in May of 1903. On September 4, 1903 permanent officers were elected and the Bucyrus YMCA association began. On August 12, 1903 the association was incorporated with the State of Ohio under the name: “The Young Men’s Christian Association of Bucyrus , Ohio ”, with its state purpose being “the improvement of the spiritual, moral, mental, social, and physical conditions of the young men of the city of Bucyrus and vicinity”.

The Bucyrus Area YMCA opened in a house donated by Susan B. Kearsley. In March of 1904 a financial campaign for $12,000 was begun for the purpose of remodeling the building to include an extension for a small gymnasium on the south side and a room for two bowling alleys on the east side. In May of 1910 another financial campaign began with a goal of raising $15,000 which was used to extend the gymnasium to the alley on the south, add sixteen dormitory rooms on the second floor over the gym, and add two more bowling alleys to the east. The Directors moved into the building very proud of the newly arranged home for youth.

In 1912 the first of several fires occurred at the YMCA; others followed in 1916 and 1920. The causes of these fires were never determined. A serious fire broke out in 1927 at the rear of the building, resulting in an $8,000 loss to the property which was partially covered by insurance.

In November of 1929 a successful financial campaign raised $16,000 which allowed a 20 x 60 ft. swimming pool to be constructed in the room east of the building to replace the bowling alleys.

On February 28, 1941 , another serious fire broke out on the second floor that caused considerable damage throughout the building. An investigation after this fire disclosed a faulty chimney as the cause of this fire and earlier fires.

The following month, Mr. John Q. Shunk made a generous donation of $22,000, which was pooled with the insurance funds, and a new building was immediately in the works. The building consisted of rooms for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and for the Boys’ Club meetings, an auditorium, a dining room and kitchen, a gymnasium with maple floor, a shower room with lockers, an exercise room, and a fire-proof boiler room. The public was invited to tour the new building, and over 3000 people passed through the beautiful new building.

In April of 1947 the Board of Directors, with foresight and a look to the future needs of the YMCA, started an Endowment Fund. In 1951, Cline W. Warnock gave $13,100 as the first major endowment gift. It was hoped that this fund would continue to grow and that the income from it would be a great help to the YMCA in times of emergency and need in the years ahead. Gifts from persons who have the YMCA at heart and who wish to perpetuate their interest in the Y after they are gone are still greatly appreciated.

In 1960 planning for a new building began, and in 1974 a site was selected for a new YMCA facility on land donated by Ohio Mutual and H. Schieber. A capital funds drive with a goal of $1,600,000 was organized and led by co-chairmen Miss Helen Picking and Mr. Robert Hubble. In 1976 the Board of Directors approved plans for the new building, which is still in use today on our Southern Avenue site. On December 17, 1977 , a Grand Opening was held for the new YMCA facility.

In 1996 a new capital campaign began with a lead gift from Timken for $500,000. The campaign raised enough funds to update certain areas of the facility and to enhance the building with a new wing which included a second gymnasium, a new fitness center, and a new preschool room. The $1,590,000 addition was completed and put into use in April of 2001.

In 2012 the Y raised capital funds to replace the boilers at the Y. The boilers heat the pool and the building. There were many small projects that were completed during this process. Some rooms were repainted, and childwatch was moved to its new location at the front of the building. 
2019-2020 childcare coming soon. Capital planning has started.